Does Dustin McGowan Deserve To Stay In Toronto Blue Jays' Rotation?

By Mike Holian
Blue Jays Dustin McGowan
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The walls of inconsistency have been closing in on Toronto Blue Jays starter Dustin McGowan throughout his career, and 2014 has been no different. It’s time for him to prove himself.

With Marcus Stroman call-up rumors now running rampant, the struggling righty needed to solidify his repertoire, and McGowan’s last outing proved that he could hold his head above water. The question now becomes: Was it enough to save his job? Or does the club’s chopping block have its next victim in sight?

McGowan is the type of player one can’t help but root for, as Blue Jays fans have witnessed a decade’s worth of obstacles. On the other hand, a line has to be drawn at some point; managing to last past the fourth inning in only two of his first five starts doesn’t exactly back the movement. It’s a tough pill to swallow considering that his arm has been plugged into an electric socket since the very beginning.

However, spectacular bullpen sessions are only half the battle. To make the drama that much thicker, Stroman, who was purposely slotted to pitch on parallel with McGowan, displayed a full-cylinder performance on Tuesday, toying with his triple-A counterparts to the tune of a six-inning, no-hit shutout. A 10-strikeout masterpiece.

Stroman’s promotion is now officially inevitable. With the only other pitcher (not named R.A. Dickey) showcasing such inconsistency being Brandon Morrow, McGowan will unfortunately now be the one to receive his rotation pink slip. It’s a shame that this organization continues to show unyielding support of Morrow, as McGowan has never been afforded a leash remotely as long.

A bullpen role seemingly awaits the former star prospect. A future stopper in the ninth, perhaps? Or do the Blue Jays’ extend his last chance? I’m afraid this scenario is a case of the correct impending call-up, but one that comes at the cost of a dodgy demotion.

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