Milwaukee Brewers’ Roster Move Should Be Release Rickie Weeks, Not Wei-Chung Wang

By Michael Terrill
Rickie Weeks
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After Wednesday afternoon’s disappointing 9-3 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals, the Milwaukee Brewers are said to be interested in making a roster move that will give them another arm in the bullpen. The reason for that is because Milwaukee has essentially been a reliever down due to Wei-Chung Wang taking up a roster spot. The consensus appears to be give Wang back to the Pittsburgh Pirates, but the reality is it is Rickie Weeks who should be the one released.

The only way the Brewers are allowed to keep Wang, who was a Rule-5 draft pick last summer, is if he remains on the Major League roster for the entire 2014 season. The concern with that entering the season is Wang had never pitched higher than Rookie ball in the minors prior to making his MLB debut this year.

In six innings, he has surrendered 10 earned runs on 13 hits for a dismal 15.00 ERA. Not exactly quality production for a team that has its eyes set on a postseason berth.

The problem with giving Wang back to the Pirates is that the Brewers are convinced he has the potential to be a legitimate threat as a starting pitcher down the road. The fact is he has shown good stuff on the mound. People shouldn’t read too much into his numbers, especially since poor defense definitely played a role in his last outing.

More importantly, Wang serves a better role on the team than Weeks does. Milwaukee can use the right-hander as basically a garbage man. He eats up innings in games when the Brewers need to give the bullpen some rest. Sure, his overall numbers aren’t going to be glorious, but at least he serves a legitimate purpose. That is much more than can be said about weeks.

The veteran second baseman is one-dimensional. The only position he can play in the field is second base. On top of that, he continues to be a huge liability at the plate. Simply put, the man is a waste of space, and that hurts me to say that. I want to believe Weeks can rebound and put up All-Star numbers. Unfortunately, his mental game is so far gone that there is no coming back.

At this point, the Brewers would be better off releasing Weeks, or find a trade for him if all possible, rather than sending Wang back to the Pirates. As much as Milwaukee needs another reliever, a quality utility man might be even more important. If anything else, signing free-agent slugger Kendrys Morales would give the team a power bat off the bench.

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