Michael Wacha Facing Big Spot For St. Louis Cardinals In Second Game of Series vs. Chicago Cubs

By Todd Bennett
Michael Wacha
Getty Images

Baseball is a strange game of timing. Your ball club could be humming along with its pitching for months, but not be able to damage a Moon Pie with its bats, for no particular reason. Then, one day everything flows, the power returns, the runs poor in, and then your best pitchers could not find the strike zone with a flashlight and a map. Such seems to be the case for the St. Louis Cardinals, who are in need of some stability.

Enter starter Michael Wacha. So far, Wacha has put up respectable, but not dominant efforts in his role as No. 2 starter. Facing the Chicago Cubs on Saturday in Game 2 of a three game set, the Cardinals find themselves down six games in the division already to a piping hot and talented Milwaukee Brewers club led by, well, everyone. Everyone on that team has stepped up, something the Cards are still waiting on.

Also notable is the fact the Cubs are rapidly increasing their skill level, if not their record. Yet, with players like Emilio Bonafacio, Wellington Castillo and Anthony Rizzo all figuring it out at seemingly the same time, the .500 level Cardinals can not afford to take the Cubs, or anyone else, lightly. For the Cubs, lefty Jake Arrieta takes the hill against the Cardinals, a team not known for their left-handed pitcher hitting prowess. It is Arrieta’s first start of the season, so expect him to be extra pumped.

The bats seem to be back, but now the pitching is shakier. Timing. It’s only May, but it is getting late early.

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