Predicting Whether the Atlanta Braves Will Ever Win Another Game

By David Miller
Freddie Freeman Atlanta Braves
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Sometimes it really isn’t fun to be an Atlanta Braves fan. When you see a game where your favorite team squanders several scoring chances throughout a game and only scores one run when they should have scored several, it is very difficult not to get frustrated. That leads to knee-jerk reactions like screaming for the roster to be flipped around. Replace the second baseman Dan Uggla, some are saying.

Those who want Uggs replaced might want to check it up a bit because he isn’t the reason the Braves are losing every game they play. Stick with me here. If we are going to determine whether the Braves will ever win again, we have to go to the source. Uggla basically always struggles to drive in runs and get hits. He always strikes out a lot. In other words, if he always is like that, he cannot be the problem. See what I did there?

We expect him to stink most of the time with the bat yet the Braves still win. Why is that? In a word, Freddie Freeman. When Freeman gets his bat going again, this team will once again win games. In the opening game of the St. Louis Cardinals series, the Braves scored three runs which was a great looking number for most of us. Freeman was 2 for 4 with a run scored. The next step is for him to drive in a small village from the bases and viola, you’ll see the Braves start to win.

There are others that have something to say about it of course. Justin Upton reviving himself would be quite nice and the move up in the batting order might help. Jason Heyward is just about going to need to move from the top spot in the order if something doesn’t change but then that leads to the problem that they have no one else to put there. Sure someone has to be stuck there but it doesn’t have to be Heyward if he isn’t hitting there.

In short, I think the Braves will win another game sometime soon. Actually because of the way the Cardinals have played of late, unable to sweep anyone including the Chicago Cubs, I predict the Braves will win before the current series is over. It is a very Braves thing to have happen in fact that the debut of Gavin Floyd flops on Tuesday. The Braves get way behind and all seems lost. Then they blow up and put on an offensive show to tie the game then win with a walk-off in the ninth. How is that for a prediction?

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