Tommy Lasorda Entitled To His Opinion On Donald Sterling's Girlfriend; Also Old

By Andrew Fisher
Tommy Lasorda
Getty Images

Tommy Lasorda has stirred the pot, he’s divided the people and he’s got everyone talking. How?

This comment on Donald Sterling‘s girlfriend, V. Stiviano:

That’s right, the former manager has dropped a pipe bomb on Sterling’s rat of a girlfriend.

There aren’t really two groups to this whole Sterling fiasco because his comments were so terrible, but there is a group of people who hate V. Stiviano. They hate her for being a snitch and a bad girlfriend. It’s hard to argue with those labels.

First of all, how does a girl like that end up with Sterling in the first place? Oh that’s right — money. So on top of being a snitch, and a bad girlfriend, she’s also a gold digger. We can’t forget that part.

As for Mr. Sterling, it’s really just a matter of time before he gets the boot from the NBA. He may try to fight his exit with a lawsuit against the league, but eventually the NBA will be rid of him.

His time in The Association has passed. People like Donald Sterling have no place in the public eye, they have no place in sports and they don’t really have a place in society. The only good that comes out of a situation like this is that people like Sterling are made out to be the villains that they are. They let people know what not to be like. Hey kids, when you grow up, act like the opposite of that guy.

As for Lasorda, he’s an old man and sometimes your mouth filter doesn’t work as good as it used to. Oh well.


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