Atlanta Braves Have Many More Problems than Dan Uggla

By David Miller
Dan Uggla
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

It would be crazy to write anything that might in some way suggest Dan Uggla has been a good offensive second baseman for the Atlanta Braves. He has been anything but good on the offensive side of the game for the better part of his time with the Braves. As sometimes happens with fans of the great game of baseball, when times get bad it is time to blame someone.

The issue with that is that Uggla is not the problem but he is the first one to catch blame. When you look at the numbers you can clearly see that Uggla is struggling to produce but he has better numbers in a few categories than some other guys on the team. It is suggested by many that the prospect Tommy La Stella would be a better fit at second base if called up.

Sadly enough he would also very likely produce more than two-thirds of the Braves outfield as well. Those two that have a few stats lower than Uggla are well known. B.J. Upton certainly doesn’t surprise anyone for his struggles but he is doing better this year and appears to be turning things around. Still, the numbers are not there. Add to that list right fielder Jason Heyward.

The fact that Heyward is still in the leadoff spot is the best evidence that the Braves have zero options for a legit leadoff man. He has struggled mightily. Of course both of these guys could get it going but then so could Uggla. When the Braves have gone on long winning streaks, Uggla has been right there struggling all the while. Therefore he cannot be the reason for the bad offense because he is always the same.

The reason the Braves aren’t scoring is elsewhere. If it were not for Freddie Freeman and Justin Upton they might get shut out every game instead of just losing most of them. Worry not though because pitching has always been the Braves’ strength and it is again this year. They will be there at the end but need a tad of offense to win.


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