Offensive Inconsistencies Continue To Plague New York Mets

By Tyler Ruby
David Wright New York Mets
Getty Images

The New York Mets‘ pitching staff could be the best in baseball for all we know, but it doesn’t mean a thing if their offense can’t get it going. After winning five of seven games two weeks ago, the Mets have lost eight of their last nine, and they have scored more than four runs once in that time span — an 11-10 loss against the Colorado Rockies.

It all starts with their captain and best player, David Wright, as can be seen with Saturday night’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies. Wright went 3-for-5 with a homerun and three RBIs. He is their top run-producer and hitter, and if he’s not hitting, the team isn’t going to be scoring any runs. For the majority of the year, Wright has had a batting average nearly 20 points less than his career average.

But it’s not just Wright’s offense the Mets should be worried about. With the exception of Juan Lagares and Daniel Murphy, who both have batting averages over .300, the Mets aren’t receiving any production from spots 4-9. Curtis Granderson and Lucas Duda aren’t providing any sort of protection for Wright, and Ruben Tejada was playing so poorly that the team decided to promote Wilmer Flores to fill his void, even though he doesn’t have the capability to be a major-league shortstop.

I hate to say it, but there aren’t any potential free agents in 2015 who will make a dramatic impact on the Mets’ lineup, so they could be in a pinch. That is unless they package a deal together using their plethora of starting pitching to land a real impact bat, and honestly, that’s their best bet right now. Rafael Montero and Noah Syndergaard are untouchable. The same goes for Zack Wheeler and Matt Harvey. Yes, depth is important, but sooner or later, there comes a point where the front office needs to do what’s best for the team, and trading some of their pitching talent seems like the most logical solution.

They are an extremely frustrating team to watch because you know that their pitching is good enough to win, but their offense is unable to take advantage of that pitching prowess because the offense is completely inept. The Mets sit in the bottom third of every major offensive statistical category, and even the Mets’ pitchers are hitless in their first 35 games. Inconsistencies are going to plague this team for the rest of the season, and that starts in the batter’s box. 

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