Mark Buehrle's Turn In Rotation Comes At Perfect Time For Toronto Blue Jays

By Mike Holian
Blue Jays Mark Buehrle
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It’s an obstacle that can play mind games with anyone. Remaining on an even keel while in the midst of a promising winning streak is a difficult task, even for the diehard fans who have been through the rigorous grind time and time again. The season is just a baby at 38 games in, but Mark Buehrle‘s turn in the rotation couldn’t have come at a better time.

The crafty lefty continues to baffle opposing hitters while finding his own fountain of youth. I could hear all of the doubters and weary fantasy owners from miles around during his 12-hit, six-ER blowup that recently took place in Philly, screaming a collective “I told you so”.

Little did they realize that this is no ordinary Buehrle. This is the 2014 version who has since rebounded from his only blemish on the season with a minuscule two earned runs and four walks in his last 13.2 innings. The ace form will not last forever, and his renaissance will slowly creep back to earth at some point, but let’s put a spin on an old adage. One time is a fluke, three times, let’s buy a ticket to Vegas, but six times strong is a trend in the making.

Buehrle’s performances thus far could lead to an All-Star appearance, followed by a gracious fall. On Monday night, he has a chance to not only kibosh a series sweep, but put the frustration of the fans at ease … at least until the next debacle.

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