St. Louis Cardinals SP Shelby Miller Crosses Line With Behavior Towards Yadier Molina

By Todd Bennett
Yadier Molina
Getty Images

I don’t know how many catchers in the history of the game can match the St. Louis CardinalsYadier Molina‘s accomplishments, but I believe it must be few. Widely regarded as the best catcher in the game, Molina has helped develop such stars as Adam Wainwright, Chris Carpenter and Michael Wacha. He has also prolonged or turned around the careers of many a struggling hurler. He is the best. Everyone knows it.

Whoops, not everyone.

23 year-old Shelby Miller apparently just did not get the memo. On Sunday night in PNC Park against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Miller embarrassed the entire organization with his antics. Repeatedly shaking off Molina and enraging his manager Mike Matheny, Miller basically earned a one-way ticket out of town. It got so bad Matheny actually changed his facial expression from that of concerned onlooker to bookie debt collector.

If that was not enough, the entertainment continued when Miller lost the strike zone and started missing Molina’s target by feet, not inches. There was a point in the bottom of the fifth where Miller could not have found the plate with a GPS, yet because he was so wild, the Pirates actually has issues with squaring him up with only Jordy Mercer touching him for a two-run homer.

Miller survived on luck, not skill, and certainly not goodwill. By outright arguing with his catcher, infuriating his manager and showing no maturity whatsoever, the oft rumored to be traded Miller is likely now guaranteed to be shipped, and quickly, for no less than a bag of balls —  bats may be too much to ask for. It looks like it is time for this Redbird to turn in his wings.

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