Bill Murray Impersonates Harry Caray Prior To Minor League Game

By Andrew Fisher
Bill Murray
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Bill Murray is a legendary comedian/actor and a huge sports fan. Give those two things and his love for the Chicago Cubs, it’s not surprising to see him channeling his inner Harry Caray in a recent pre-game bit for the minor league Toledo Mud Hens:

Is there a better person to do a Ghostbusters Night promo? Absolutely Not.

As for his impersonation of Caray, it’s good but not the best. I think most of us can agree that Will Ferrell takes the cake in that department.

Still, Murray’s take on the legendary Cubs announcer is a good one.

At first when I saw this I figured that the Mud Hens were one of the minor league teams that Murray owns. According to Wikipedia he owns part of four teams, but the Mud Hens are not one of them. However, his baseball love has contributed to his ownership of these four minor league squads: St. Paul Saints, Charleston RiverDogs, Hudson Valley Renegades and Brockton Rox…

One of the great Murray-Cubs stories randomly involves Bob Costas. The sportscaster told this story on an episode of the BS Report. It involves Costas, Murray and a video tape:

Back in 1984 the memorable Ryne ‘Sandberg game’ took place. The Cubs second baseman went 5 for 6 with two home runs and seven RBI against the Cardinals, including a game-tying HR that put the Cubs in position for the win. It’s a game that’s widely considered one of the best in Chicago sports history.

Well, Murray was unable to watch the game because he was shooting a movie at the time. Being the huge Cubs fan that he is, he eventually tracked down Costas after learning he had a tape of the Sandberg game, showed up at his apartment one day, and the two watched the game together (months after it happened).

There is no limit to Murray’s fandom.

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