David Ortiz Continues To Torture Minnesota Twins

By Steve Buchanan
David Ortiz
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Once upon a time at the 2003 Winter Meetings, the Minnesota Twins made the decision to cut a player named David Ortiz. The reasoning for this move, was to clear roster space for shortstop Jose Morban.

Wait, who?

Yes, Jose Morban. Don’t tell me you don’t remember who he is! How could you forget this player with 71 career at bats, two memorable home runs, five pivotal RBIs, and eight mind-blowing stolen bases for the Baltimore Orioles. Yes, this player, who made the team in favor of Ortiz, never even played a single game with the Twins.

Now, enter the Boston Red Sox. They scooped up Ortiz after his release and never looked back. Since 2003, Ortiz has enjoyed three World Series titles. The Twins have earned zero. What makes this transaction sting even more is how badly Ortiz owns his former team.

As of May 14, Ortiz has played 55 regular season games against the Twins. During that time Ortiz is hitting an astonishing .344. That’s good for 72 hits in 243 at-bats. This stat alone is impressive enough. If we use that 55 game sample as the standard to compare against, Ortiz has the highest average against his former team than anyone else. The closest anyone comes after that is the New York Yankees. Ortiz is hitting .315 in 199 career games. Not a bad second team to dominate by any means.

To go even further, Ortiz has 17 home runs and 47 RBIs against the Twins. Every home run that Ortiz crushes further adds salt to the huge open wound the Twins created when they released Ortiz. Imagine what the Twins could have accomplished with Ortiz hitting cleanup all these years. I’m no fortune teller, but I imagine a few more playoff runs for the Twins would have been had if they kept the man we love to call Big Papi.

As for the Twins prized possession, Morban, he had six at bat against the Twins and was able to muster 3 hits. A .500 career average against his former team. Someone call the Twins and tell them they get rid of ALL the great players in the game.

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