Josh Reddick's New Walk-Up Music Is The Most Awesome In Oakland Athletics History

By Michael Peckerar


Robert Stanton -- USA Today Sports
Robert Stanton — USA Today Sports

Oakland Athletics outfielder Josh Reddick was asked to pick a song for his new walk-up music during home games. While most players will select music that will make them seem tough, pump them up, be motivational, or generally crank the crowd up, Reddick was having none of this.  His walk-up music was a little more, shall we say, eclectic?

The best part of this stunt is not Reddick rejecting “Turn Down For What” or a random page in the Metalica catalog for a slow jam. It is that this walk-up song actually seems to have turned into good luck for him and for the ball club.

To have thrown down “Careless Whisper” as your new walk-up music and then answer the jeers and laughs with a complete rocket to right center for a home run is nothing short of epic. It’s easy to imagine this becoming a thing for Oakland home games in the foreseeable future. There’s no reason to mess with good luck, and it’s just good policy to go with what works.

It would also be a shame to neglect to mention that the hipster in the crowd with the button-up and khaki chinos doing his Chippendales moves should probably be offered an on-field position by the A’s.

Something fun and quirky like this has been missing for way too long in MLB. Baseball players are a notoriously lighthearted bunch who enjoy a good yuk now and then. However, for the A’s to go ahead and give the thumbs-up to using Wham! as walk-up music should be commended and followed as an example of bringing a little bit of fun back.

At least it’s not “Sweet Caroline.” Please stop with that.

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