Jon Singleton Long Overdue for Call-Up to Houston Astros

By Josh Sippie
Steve Mitchell - USA TODAY Sports
Steve Mitchell – USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Astros have been shuffling a lot of players around thus far in 2014. Top prospect George Springer is starting to hit his stride and the excitement surrounding him is electric. Jon Singleton is hitting a stout .293 with 12 home runs and 34 RBIs, both power number categories good for top five in all of Triple-A baseball.

Getting Singleton up right now seems almost too logical. He’d be called up into the excitement aura created by Springer, which would have to alleviate some pressure off the two of them. Not only that, but it would keep the excitement going. The Astros are actually playing really well as of late and they’d like nothing more than to keep that momentum going. Singleton could be the key to extending that momentum and making it more of a permanent fixture.

Most importantly, he plays the position that the Astros have the worst numbers out of. First base is supposed to be a power position, yet the Astros first basemen are dead last in first baseman batting average at a deplorable .186, nearly 30 points behind the next worst team. They rank last in RBIs with just 10. And you guessed it, they’re first in strikeouts with 49.

The only reason that could possibly explain why Singleton is still plowing through Triple-A pitching is that if the Astros wait until June, they can avoid the befuddling Super-Two clause. GM Jeff Luhnow came out and said that Singleton is “on deck,” which could mean absolutely anything and tells us absolutely nothing.

The time is now. Springer and Singleton are the future rocks of this team, and it’s time for them to assume that roll and do away with the dead weight.

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