Justin Verlander Caught Staring at Kate Upton Like Only He Can

By RanterX
Justin Verlander
Getty Images

As one of the best baseball players in the world right now, Justin Verlander seemingly has everything going right for him. The Detroit Tigers‘ ace has won a Cy Young, MVP, pitching Triple Crown and has been named an MLB All-Star six times in his nine-year career. Now, he’s dating someone that most guys wish they could even talk to, Kate Upton.

The two started dating in 2011, but rumors circulated shortly thereafter that the couple had split up and were no longer seeing each other. However, the two have ‘rekindled’ their undying flame and have been seen in public together on multiple occasions.

Neither party is denying the fact that they are dating and the superstar pitcher is pretty proud of the fact that he reeled in a model like Upton.

Verlander was so proud, in fact, that he was caught staring at his girlfriend’s “goods” during Game 7 of the NHL playoffs between the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens.

That had to be the most perfect caption on the picture as you know Verlander was taking in more than just a hockey game while sitting next to his model girlfriend.

Every male hockey fan in the nation was sitting there watching the game and being very jealous of Verlander who has the one woman they wish they all could have.

Here’s one way to hook Upton: make a ton of money. Another way: be the best pitcher in baseball.

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