St. Louis Cardinals Need to Sign Kyle Farnsworth After New York Mets' Inexcusable Treatment

By Todd Bennett
Kyle Farnsworth New York Mets
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Mets are not known for their front office tact or expertise. Consistently putting together spectacularly mediocre teams year after year, the Mets are not going to win any awards for acumen. However, ability is one thing, outright disrespect is another, and what was done to veteran Kyle Farnsworth is downright airlinish. Despite his more than satisfactory production, the Mets outighted him to AAA Las Vegas, then released him.

Contractual mumbo jumbo aside, the basic gist of it is that the Mets chose to save money by outrighting him rather than picking up the full season option on Farnsworth. How the Mets can credibly claim to be attempting to win is puzzling, given they just released one of their better relievers to save what amounts to a few bucks. But if the Mets are not interested in winning, the St. Louis Cardinals certainly are, and Farnsworth is a pickup they should make.

One, he is a steady, hard-nosed veteran who can impart some wisdom to the youthful Cardinal pitching staff. Two, he has been by and large durable in his history and can provide some depth to a pen reliant on the farm and in need of a break. Even if Farnsworth does not last the season or make a potential postseason roster, his presence and toughness has value to a team looking for steel to go with its talent. He would come cheap, relatively low risk and if the Cardinals do not pick him up, chances are good another team in their division will. Sometimes the simplest of pickups can have a huge role in changing a team’s personality. Farnsworth is a tough guy, and this team could use that.

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