Ervin Santana is Proving an Extremely Valuable Signing by Atlanta Braves

By David Miller
Ervin Santana Atlanta Braves
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No one in the Atlanta Braves front office could have expected the drastic turn of events that happened towards the beginning of Spring Training when Mike Minor was injured for over a month and Kris Medlen and Brandon Beachy were lost for the season. At the time most fans and experts believed that the Braves chances to repeat as champs or even compete were over and they had ever right to believe it. Things have turned out much differently so far and Frank Wren deserves some credit this time folks.

Braves fans are doing the same thing they always do when the team struggles; playing the blame game. The Braves should win every game and if they don’t it is Dan Uggla’s fault for sitting on the bench wrong. You know this type of fan right? The same kind that constantly slams Fredi Gonzalez and Wren. Don’t get me started on Gonzalez because he is one of the best managers, not one of the worst. As far as Wren goes, the move to sign Ervin Santana proves his willingness and ability to help the Braves succeed.

Santana has been incredible for the Braves so far. Going into his start against the St. Louis Cardinals on Friday night he is 4 – 0 with a very nice ERA. He probably will have another quality start but even if he were to get shelled, his value remains extremely high to this team. He is a great member of the clubhouse and has become a real life mentor to young star pitcher Julio Teheran. When Teheran springs back from that bad start against the San Francisco Giants to dominate the next several teams he faces, you can partially thank Santana.

The entire time the young man was struggling, Santana was calmly in his ear helping him through. On top of this of course he is pitching extremely well. I am not one to cheer for higher salaries for super players but I’ll get behind the claims of Santana’s people for asking for more. This guy is a veteran ace of this staff when they needed one in the worst way possible.

It was a great move by Wren and company. It has allowed the bloated and spoiled Braves fans – not all of them, just the ones who hate their own favorite team – to complain about the team losing a few games when everyone expected a little over a month and a half ago that they would lose most all games. Thank goodness there are true and loyal fans out there for the Braves as well. Those fans know how great of a move it was to bring in Santana.

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