Arizona Diamondbacks Needed To Sign Tony La Russa To Turn Things Around

By Chad Cramer
Tony La Russa Signed By The Arizona Diamondbacks
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

With tons of Arizona Diamondbacks fans clamoring for the team to make a change after their terrible start, they finally did. However, it wasn’t the move that most people were expecting.

Rather than firing Kevin Towers or Kirk Gibson, the Diamondbacks made a move that no one expected. They hired Tony La Russa as Chief Baseball Officer. This move provides a big boost to the organization, especially considering La Russa’s track record. La Russa brings tons of experience as he is third in major league history in wins; he has won three World Series, four Manager of the Year awards, and before signing with Arizona, he worked with Joe Torre, who is the executive vice president of MLB operations.

This signing is similar to the New York Knicks‘ signing of Phil Jackson. La Russa won’t manage the team, but he will oversee the entire organization and will have the final say in all moves that the Diamondbacks make. This signing was made in hopes that La Russa will be able to transform the organization similar to the way that Buck Showalter was able to transform the Baltimore Orioles.

Showalter changed that organization by changing the Orioles’ identity, and in turn, he was able to change the course of the team. When Showalter took over the Orioles in 2010, they hadn’t had a winning season since 1997, and had the worst record in baseball at the time. Yet, in just two years, Baltimore won 93 games and made the playoffs. This is the type of change that the Diamondbacks are hoping for with the addition of La Russa, and if anyone can do it, it is him.

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