Boston Red Sox' Lack Of Speed A Real Problem

By Carter Roane
Pedroia at bat
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I love to watch baseball, and it doesn’t particularly matter what network. I do have a hard time watching ESPN because of John Kruk. It’s nothing personal; I loved him as a player, but I just don’t agree with some of the things he says as a commentator.

No matter, Kruk is a national broadcaster and I am definitely not. When I was watching the Red Sox game that he was commentating he made some comments I didn’t agree with, but then he made a statement which I am in total agreement with. The Boston Red Sox are one player away from contention, but they are going to have to go and get that player.

I feel that player is a leadoff hitter. Dustin Pedroia has taken one for the team and is doing a great job in that role. However, with him batting leadoff, that weakens the rest of the lineup. Boston has had a lot of problems with the lineup after Mike Napoli hitting cleanup. Pedroia needs to be back in the middle of the order.

I get Boston not wanting to dish out all that money for Jacoby Ellsbury. However, they should have found someone comparable in skills but a lot cheaper — basically Ellsbury Lite. That person could be at the top of the lineup and getting on base, stealing a few bags and allowing Pedroia to be back in the middle of the lineup. It killed me that Boston didn’t go after Rajai Davis. He is exactly the type of player I am talking about. Between Davis’ speed and Jackie Bradley‘s defense, you have replaced Ellsbury and for a lot cheaper.

Boston didn’t seem to have a good plan, and I don’t understand why. It was like Ellsbury was completely expendable. Sorry, but Daniel Nava isn’t going to be a suitable replacement in the leadoff spot.

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