Boston Red Sox Should Really Consider Trading For Giancarlo Stanton

By Steve Buchanan
Giancarlo Stanton
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The Boston Red Sox are in desperate need of run production; that’s been clearly evident after only scoring three runs in three games while being swept by the Detroit Tigers. With no real solution inside the organization, it might be time to think about looking elsewhere. The answer may lie within the Miami Marlins‘ organization.

Giancarlo Stanton is an offensive force for a team that is going nowhere fast. He’s been the subject of numerous trade rumors for months but nothing has come of it. The Marlins, naturally, want a king’s ransom for their prized outfielder. Not many teams in the majors can match what the Marlins want, but the Red Sox might be the team that can make it happen.

The Red Sox’ farm system is stacked — stacked to the point where the Red Sox can make some of these prospects expendable and it won’t hurt their system. Allen Webster, Henry Owens, Matt Barnes, Mookie Betts and Anthony Ranaudo are all extremely valuable assets the Marlins could be intrigued by; reports have come out before that they were also interested in Will Middlebrooks. With the amount of talent Stanton possesses, I’d personally be willing to entertain any offers to grab him.

Betts is an intriguing name that could be one of the centerpieces of the deal. After seeing his on-base streak come to an end, Betts has been a major topic of discussion within the Red Sox’ organization. What’s even more interesting is Betts has started playing in the outfield even though he’s been primarily a second baseman. Being eligible for multiple positions will make the value of a young talent like Betts, who can hit for power and steal, skyrocket. Think about Ben Zobrist of the Tampa Bay Rays but much younger and with more speed.

You can’t help but get excited with the thought of Stanton playing 81 games a year at Fenway Park. A pure hitters’ ballpark, Stanton could see his power numbers jump even more. Surrounded by David Ortiz and Mike Napoli, he’d have a great set of hitters around him who can do some quick damage in a game. A second power hitter is what could really boost this Red Sox lineup, and other than Ortiz, no one in the Sox’ lineup can really be relied upon for 30-plus home runs. At only 24 years old, Stanton could instantly become the face of the Red Sox and replace Ortiz when his time to hang them up finally arrives.

The Red Sox have the assets, and the Marlins have the gem. Let’s make a deal, shall we?

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