Cleveland Indians Should Brace for Big Apple Offers for SS Asdrubal Cabrera

By Matt Loede
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It’s no secret that the shortstop of the future for the Cleveland Indians is playing this season for the the Akron Rubberducks, that being former first-round pick Francisco Lindor. Through this season, Lindor is hitting .290 at double-A, and it’s just a matter of time before he makes his way to Triple-A Columbus.

With major league shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera playing in the final year of his contract, there’s only going to be more and more rumblings that the team may try to move him come the trade deadline. There’s two teams in the same city that may have their eyes on Cabrera as that deadline gets closer.

With Derek Jeter’s retirement getting closer by the day, it would be smart for the New York Yankees to start to chat with the Indians (if they haven’t already) about putting a deal in place that would land him in the Big Apple. The deal would have to come with the agreement that Cabrera would sign an extension with the Yankees, but it’s hard to think that the Yankees would have issues coming up with the type of money to get Cabrera in a multi-year deal.

Sure, the Yankees can wait to just try and look at Cabrera in free agency, but why take the chance and possibly lose out like they did today when Stephen Drew inked a deal with the rival Boston Red Sox? A deal for Cabrera would give New York a shot to give Jeter a proper sendoff with his replacement already in place.

Count the New York Mets as another team that wants a shortstop that would be with the team for a number of years. Just like the situation with the Yankees, a deal with Cabrera’s agent would have to be worked out, but it’s one that could be done at the right price. Cabrera’s stock will depend as well on what he does in the next two months, as right now he’s hitting .261 with three homers and 13 RBIs.

Even if Lindor isn’t ready at the start of 2015, the Indians have Mike Aviles who can fill in at short as long as needed under contract until they do get their top prospect ready at the shortstop position. Don’t count the two New York teams out; it could get real interesting if both squads decide they want to take a long look at Cabrera near the deadline.

Matt Loede has covered the Cleveland Indians for 20 years for National Networks like AP Radio, Metro Networks and other local and national stations. Follow him on twitter @mattloede.

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