Los Angeles Dodgers Players Fire Dodgeballs at Kids, Show No Mercy

By Connor Muldowney
Dee Gordon
Getty Images

Playing baseball can be compared to a kid’s game by many. People are quick to criticize athletes because they make millions of dollars for playing a game that kids do for fun. On Tuesday morning, the Los Angeles Dodgers actually did play a game that kids love — dodgeball.

Drew Butera and Dee Gordon took a trip to a local New York park before their series against the New York Mets to take on a few school children in a game of dodgeball and it was literally like a scene out of the movie Dodgeball. The two grown men showed absolutely no mercy when taking on the young kids, firing bullets at the innocent children.

This video did the actual demolition no justice. Check out this second video where you can see Butera, a catcher who can also pitch, tossing one at a kid who had no defense against it, falling hard.

That throw by Butera might lead some to believe that he was bullied as a small child and he was taking out his childhood anger on an innocent kid half his age.

It was a pretty sweet throw, though.

Is this how Dodgers players treat Mets fans nowadays? I mean they aren’t even in the same division and they are throwing objects at children who root for the Mets?

All jokes aside, this is one of the funniest videos out there right now. It’s hard to hold back laughter when you see a couple 30-year-old guys throwing dodgeballs with some strength behind them at children in private school uniforms.

The Dodgers win the internet today.

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