Inconsistencies Plaguing New York Mets Through First Quarter For 2014

By Tyler Ruby
Eric Young Jr New York Mets
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The New York Mets are a difficult team to trust, and they are even tougher to figure out. They scored 21 runs in the two games at Yankee Stadium, and it appeared that they had broken out of their offensive slump, but what do they do in the next two games at home? They got shut out in both games, leaving Mets fans to wonder what happened.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another with the Mets. Every time they show signs of life, they come back to earth, and this is why they are four games under .500. The Mets don’t have a horrible lineup, but their inability to hit at home has been well-documented, and it continues this year. Their BA at home sits around .200 while their road BA is 50 points higher. Their power comes and goes seemingly every week, and they can never find a consistent leadoff hitter or cleanup guy.

This may have something to do with Terry Collins tinkering with the lineup every day. How can players get comfortable when they are worrying about if they will play the following day or if they will be in the same spot in the lineup? There needs to be some consistency in Collins’ lineups to help this team out.

It’s not just the offensive side of this team that needs to show consistency — the pitching staff does as well. Dillon Gee was the Mets’ most consistent starter this year, and now that he is on the DL, they don’t have that pitcher who they can turn to to give them a fantastic outing every time he toes the rubber.

Bartolo Colon seems to pitch well only every other start. Zack Wheeler has shown that he can’t be counted on this early in his career, and it’s too early to expect anything substantial out of Rafael Montero and Jacob deGrom. Also, we all know how bad the bullpen can be.

Right now, Daniel Murphy and David Wright seem to be the only guarantees on this team, and that’s a problem. I know they are only 44 games into the season and there are plenty of games left, but I don’t see this changing anytime soon. A .500 record is the definition of inconsistency, and the Mets would be lucky to even achieve that.

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