Boston Red Sox Look Lifeless After Rough Homestand

By Steve Buchanan
Dustin Pedroia
(Rick Osentoski/USA Today Sports)

The Boston Red Sox had a tough home stand, matching up with the Detroit Tigers and the Toronto Blue Jays. I wasn’t expecting a spectacular record, but I wasn’t prepared for an 0-6 record. That’s a clean sweep at home. That just isn’t supposed to happen. But guess what folks, it just did.

The Red Sox only managed to score 13 runs during the six-game homestand, while their opponents, a whopping 33 runs. Thirty-three! What on earth happened here? Is it time to hit the panic button yet? I know I’m getting close. Granted, the Tigers and Blue Jays are very talented teams, but a 20-run differential is alarming no matter who you play. If the Red Sox have any plans to make a run in the playoffs, you’ll certainly have to see at least one of these teams.

When we look at the Red Sox season a bit deeper, an alarming stat shows that they are currently 9-14 against the American League East, a division that is struggling as a whole. The Blue Jays are currently in first place at 26-22. A record that by no means shows domination. If there was ever a time that the Red Sox could dominate the standings and take an early lead in the East, the time would have been now. Instead, the Red Sox are following their fellow division teams.

Jon Lester was rocked today to a tune of seven runs in the first two innings, a common theme throughout this homestand. With the Red Sox constantly playing catch up, it’s putting more pressure on an offense that currently sits 17th in the league, batting .246. With this combination of bad pitching and offense that is essentially asleep at the wheel, the Red Sox could be facing a detrimental tailspin that might be too big to overcome.

I may sound like a typical fanboy here, being it’s the end of May and panic mode is setting in, but this team looks dead. They don’t seem to have a personality, they don’t have that extra push late in games to stage a comeback. So what exactly do they have? A sub .500 record and a fan base looking forward to football season.

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