How Much Longer Can the New York Mets Put Up With Their Offensive Futility?

By Tyler Ruby
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Looking back, do you think the New York Mets send Travis d’Arnaud and Zack Wheeler to the Miami Marlins for Giancarlo Stanton? At the time, this suggestion was blasphemy, but when you look at it now, does it seem so crazy? We are all experts in hindsight, but this was the offer available to the Mets last year, and with the Mets’ inability to hit this season, grabbing Stanton would have been a significant upgrade.

Watching this lineup fail miserably day after day is gut-wrenching. They spoil their pitchers’ great outings because the Mets have no one in their lineup who scares anyone. They have all of these highly touted, talented pitching prospects, but that doesn’t mean anything if the Mets can’t hit. The last time I checked, a team needs to score runs in order to win, and the Mets are not doing that right now. They haven’t done it for the past five years, but the most frustrating part of it all is that the Mets’ front office hasn’t done anything at all to improve it. Maybe it’s time to change the focus of their development strategy.

First, they let Jose Reyes walk without getting any compensation for him even though they knew being a Met wasn’t in his future. That was mistake No. 1. Mistake No. 2 was depleting Ike Davis‘ confidence. He was a power-hitting first baseman who could hit 30 home runs and have 100 RBIs. The Mets don’t have anyone in their lineup who can produce like that, and they don’t have any player in their organization ready to make that jump. They even let Stephen Drew sign with the Boston Red Sox, and he is an immediate upgrade, both offensively and defensively over any player already on the roster. What exactly does the front office need to see to make a change?

Jacob deGrom and Rafael Montero made their big league debuts last week against the New York Yankees. They both pitched well, as they gave up only four runs combined. They both got the loss, as the Mets scored a grand total of zero runs in those two games. Matt Harvey won nine games last year. He should have won at least 15. The lack of run support has to weigh heavily on the minds of pitchers because they know that they need to be flawless in order to earn a win. That’s a lot of pressure to pitch with, and it could cause some of these pitchers to look elsewhere for offensive support.

The bottom line is this. The Mets need to start focusing on bringing bats to their lineup because the pitching Sandy Alderson stockpiled in his time as GM will mean nothing if they don’t get any sort of run support.

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