Atlanta Braves Have a Ton of Momentum After Wild Comeback Win

By David Miller
Ryan Doumit Atlanta Braves
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If the Atlanta Braves were feeling good before their Thursday win against the Milwaukee Brewers, they must feel like the uncrowned champs after that game. Momentum carries a lot of weight for any MLB team and right now the Braves have a ton of it going into another tough series. Overcoming adversity and winning games that they know they would have lost just one week ago must make the Braves feel unbeatable. There were several odd happenings in the game Thursday that point to this fact.

First of all, Dan Uggla finally got a start and scored a couple of runs. He didn’t do well enough to warrant sticking him in the line-up every day but he contributed. On top of that, Chris Johnson’s long swoon had to leave him turning flips when he saw Matt Garza. Johnson just kills Garza for some reason and the same was true in that game. If that wasn’t enough to gain a load of momentum going forward, the wild seventh sure was.

The after effects of a large comeback inning like that will carry forward. They got more than one clutch hit. Ryan Doumit is showing once again that trading for him was a great move this offseason. Gerald Laird always seems to do something awesome when he is in the game. Basically the Braves won a game that they lost for the first six innings. That is something they do not do one week ago or two weeks ago. After taking three of four from the Brewers, they must feel very confident facing the tough Colorado Rockies over the weekend.

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