Hiroki Kuroda Got the New York Yankees Addicted to Japanese Candy

By Connor Muldowney
Hiroki Kuroda
Getty Images

Everyone has their one guilty pleasure. Some people have a gnarly sweet tooth and others like to watch hours upon hours of Netflix and tell no one. Well, the New York Yankees‘ clubhouse has one of those addictions and, here’s a hint, it’s not Netflix. According to multiple Yankees players, Hiroki Kuroda has gotten the team addicted to Japanese candy.

How is that possible?

Kuroda was asked by Japanese company Hi-Chew to distribute their candy to the entire team — they obviously knew how addicting it could be — and the addiction now runs rampant in the clubhouse.

According to a report from ESPN on the “issue”, Kelly Johnson, who was a skeptic of the addiction at first, had this to say about the situation:

“I was probably one of the last ones to try it. It was probably like two weeks ago that I tried my first one. The next three days, I probably ate about 50 of them, but I wouldn’t put myself in the addicted category.”

He is still in step one of the addiction phase: denial.

Kuroda seems to be fueling the Yankees’ addiction and it’s really not healthy. I mean, who wants to see CC Sabathia lose all that progress in the weight loss journey because of some delicious Japanese candy that you probably can’t buy anywhere in America.

If we see the Yankees start to look like little chubby kids trying to play baseball in the upcoming months, we know who to blame.

Thanks a lot Kuroda, you ruined the Yankees forever.

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