Josh Beckett’s No-Hitter Underscores Offensive Impotence of Philadelphia Phillies

By Mike Gibson
Josh Beckett, Los Angeles Dodgers,
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who has dated enough has been on the giving or receiving end of this line: “It’s not you, honey, it’s me.”

When it comes to Josh Beckett’s nine-inning no-hitter in the Los Angeles Dodgers‘ 6-0 win at the Philadelphia Phillies, with all due respect to the pitcher, it’s not Josh Beckett, it’s the Phillies.

Beckett is not to be confused with Sandy Koufax of 1965 nor the Beckett of the 2004 Florida, now Miami Marlins. Beckett is 9-20 since the start of 2012. His velocity is nowhere near as good as it was a decade ago.

More importantly, the Phillies are not to be confused with the 2008 World Championship team or even the 2011 Phillies. This team is so offensively impotent at home—a notorious hitter’s park—that they had been shut out four times in their last nine games leading up to Beckett’s start on Sunday. Now it’s five in 10.

All of the Phillies’ offensive deficiencies were put on display against Beckett. They have two top-of-lineup guys in lead-off man Ben Revere and No. 2 hitter Jimmy Rollins who do not have the patience to wait out walks and therefore are easy outs for a veteran pitcher like Beckett who can offer them a steady diet of pitches out of the zone. Only in his last at-bat did Rollins figure that out and he worked a walk before Chase Utley was caught looking for the final out of the game.

The Phillies as presently constructed are in need of an offensive overhaul, and if Beckett did anything impressive on Sunday, it wasn’t the no-hitter—it was helping to illustrate that point.

It’s not you, Josh. It’s them.

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