Boston Red Sox Need To Take Clay Buchholz Out Of Starting Rotation

By Steve Buchanan
Clay Buchholz
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When exactly do you throw up your arms and say enough is enough? What does it take to push someone to the limit and give it all up? These are the questions that need to be proposed to the Boston Red Sox management.

Clay Buchholz had another start today against the Atlanta Braves, and it went just like you’d expect: Short, ineffective and frustrating. Buchholz lasted an incredible three innings giving up six runs, four hits, striking out four and walking eight. Yes, eight. Yes, in three innings. It’s truly amazing the Braves only scored six runs off of him. I don’t care what the issue is with Buchholz anymore. It can be mechanics, it can be a mental problem or it could be anything. He doesn’t belong in a major league rotation. It’s time to give it up.

After today’s start, Buchholz carries a 7.02 ERA in ten starts this season. He’s only gone seven innings in one of those starts. He’s given up more than four runs in six of those starts. I can truly go on and on here with all the reasons Buchholz needs to be removed from the rotation. Throw him on the disabled list and call it a sore shoulder — anything! He’s clearly not right and something needs to be straightened out. The fifth starter is usually the pitcher in the rotation capable eating up some innings and getting you an occasional win. Buchholz is anything but that. I’d feel more comfortable with the pitching coach trotting out to the mound and throwing a game in place of Buchholz.

This is the perfect opportunity for the Red Sox to bring up a prospect to take Buchholz’s rotation spot. What could go wrong? They couldn’t do any worse than Buchholz has been performing. You might even get a surprise and have one of these prospects show they’re major league ready. Maybe this is the time for Henry Owens or Allen Webster, the top two pitching prospects in the Red Sox system. In a time where the Red Sox are struggling for wins, maybe it’s some of the young kids that can come up and make a difference. Nothing could look as bad as a start by Buchholz at this moment.

Whatever the Red Sox decide to do, they have to make a decision fast on Buchholz. Letting him figure out his issues at the major league level is not an option. Not only is it putting the Red Sox at a huge disadvantage every game, but it puts so much more pressure on the offense by having to come from behind during each of his starts. Do the right thing and pull Buchholz.

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