50 Cent Throws Worst First Pitch Ever at New York Mets Game

By Connor Muldowney
50 Cent
Getty Images

Throwing out the first pitch at a MLB game is one of the highest honors in sports for a fan/celebrity to take part in. If you are handed the ball to throw out the first pitch at a game, you’re most likely famous, you have served our country or you have done something impressive. Well, the New York Mets decided the give the ball to rapper 50 Cent to throw out the first pitch on Tuesday night.

That turned out to be a really bad idea.

Obviously this is going to go down as one of the worst first pitches of all time and 50 Cent seemed pretty happy about it afterward, just giving a little chuckle.

There have been worse first pitches in recent memory, but when you have a hero cat throw out a first pitch and it’s better than 50 Cent’s first toss, you have to be a little embarrassed for the rapper. He can’t be that bad of an athlete, I mean you would think he practiced a little before taking the mound on Tuesday evening.

Could it have been the Mets fans in the background screwing up his throw? Maybe. Or maybe it was the fact that he let the ball go about a second too early and almost hitting the photographers.

Add this one to the list of first pitches that will earn the celebrity exactly zero more opportunities to throw out a first pitch at a baseball game.

Maybe he should just stick to rapping and his former sport of boxing.

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