Chicago White Sox Fan Saves Baby From Flying Bat

By RantSports Staff
Chicago White Sox
Getty Images

Extraordinary things happen every day. People are always saving lives and helping out their fellow man. Sometimes, it happens at the ballpark.

Check out this clip of a Chicago White Sox fan grabbing a flying bat headed towards a baby:

That bat wasn’t just rolling along — it was picking up some serious steam. If it hadn’t hit the dugout and bounced up, who knows where it would have ended up. It still could have been caught on a direction route, but it would have been coming in a lot hotter.

This is just another example of how vital it is to always pay attention at the ballpark. Sure, the odds of a foul ball or bat hitting you aren’t great. A lot of it depends on where you sit, but there’s always a chance of a rude awakening. If you’re in the lower section, every crack of the bat should get your full attention. There are fewer feelings more helpless than a fly ball headed your way when you have no idea where its at.

As for the White Sox, they’re off to a pretty good start in 2014. The South-Siders are currently in second place and five games back in the highly competitive AL Central. There weren’t many expectations for the Sox coming into this season, but so far so good. They appear to be a team that will hang around as the summer moves on, and in the world of baseball, fans can’t ask for much more than that.

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