Kansas City Royals Need To Make A Big Move Now

By Aaron Charles
Ned Yost
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This is supposed to be the season Kansas City Royals fans have been waiting for. After many years of having one of the top farm systems in the league, the team has finally put together one of the most talented professional rosters in recent memory. Thus far, the higher expectations have just led to higher disappointment for the fans.

On Tuesday, the Royals fell to the Houston Astros for the second straight night, this time by a score of 3-0. The problem, which has become the Royals’ 2014 identity, was once again a lack of power. The bats managed five hits, all singles, to give the pitching staff a big goose egg of run support.

The entire team has a compiled a league-worst 20 home runs. The Royals would have to double that and then some just to get to the MLB average of 46. That is pathetic, and something needs to be done. They can’t just sit around and hope that this problem fixes itself.

If the last 30 years have taught us anything, it’s that seasons in which the Royals are close to competing don’t come around very often. When those seasons are here, it’s imperative to make every move possible to push for the postseason.

If that means trading for Adrian Beltre and overpaying for some extra-base hits, so be it. If it means firing Manager Ned Yost and his ‘throw logic to the wind and go with your gut’ decision-making style, few Royals fans are going to blink an eye. Many would probably celebrate.

Whatever the team does, they need to be proactive. Solid pitching, speed, defense, and pathetic power equals a sub-.500 team. The Royals made no big moves last season, nor did they the last time they had a real shot at the postseason in 2003. In both cases, the team sat at home and watched the playoffs.

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