Boston Red Sox: Why is A.J. Pierzynski Such A Scapegoat?

By Carter Roane
Pierzynski batting
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Red Sox have been playing one of their worst stretches of baseball in recent memory. Everyone is getting frustrated from Ben Cherington right down to all of the players. Red Sox Nation appears to be getting angrier and angrier and it looks like they are taking it out on one player in particular. That would be the catcher, A.J. Pierzynski.

People seem to be blaming him for the team falling apart. Their theory is that he is somehow being disruptive in the clubhouse and that is throwing off the positive karma that Boston had all last year. I have news for you folks, Pierzynski is the least of Boston’s problems. As a matter of fact, he has been more part of the solution than anything else.

Yes, Pierzynski has a unique personality which can rub some people the wrong way. But look at his stats so far this season. He is currently batting around .270 and has a few multi-hit games. He also has been just about the only batter who has gotten anything remotely resembling a timely hit. In the game against the Tampa Bay Rays, he actually got a hustle double. For someone who is as slow of a runner as he is, it was great to see him run really hard and try to spark a rally.

The blame needs to be put on the rest of the lineup that just haven’t been able to buy a hit with runners in scoring position for the better part of two months. As well, some of the blame should be put on Cherington for not building the team a little stronger than how he did this winter.

Sorry, I don’t see a .270 hitter being any sort of issue for what is ailing Boston right now.

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