Rapper 50 Cent Proves His Genius With Wild Pitch At New York Mets Game

By Jack Delaney
50 Cent Wild Pitch
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Most people may think that rapper 50 Cent made himself look like a chump with a wild ceremonial first pitch at Citi Field, but this was just another move that showcased the genius of the 38-year-old entrepreneur.

After watching the replay of the pitch several times, it appears to me that he intentionally threw the ball towards a nearby cameraman instead of across the plate. He does not seem to lose control of the ball, and his release looks like it was purposely aimed away from the plate. In such a competitive and macho environment as the rap world, why would 50 Cent, also known as Curtis Jackson, try to look like he had the athletic ability of Steve Urkel and face severe ridicule?

From taking stock options instead of a paycheck that made him $100 million from his involvement with a vitamin water, to creating a shoe line for Reebok, Jackson is a very savvy businessman who knew his rapping career was just the entrance to take him to bigger and better things. He doesn’t just do things without a plan, so it is not surprising that he would use the pitch as a platform for free promotion.

Aside from being a licensed boxing promoter, Jackson once competed in the ring himself. Granted, few are as athletically inclined as Deion Sanders or Bo Jackson to transfer their talent from sport to sport, but it looked like the rapper had never attempted an athletic endeavor in his life with that throw.

Again, the general public may not understand what he was trying to do, but these are the types of endeavors that make him a genius.

After the sports shows and radio hosts have talked about this pitch nonstop, they always seem to finish their segments with the fact that he has an album coming out on June 3. If Jackson had just thrown the pitch and it went over the plate, it would have barely made a dent in the social media stratosphere.

With constant views on Youtube and consistent chatter surrounding the seemingly crazy throw, 50 has ensured he will receive plenty of free promotion until his album releases. Even if the pitch really did get away from him, which I doubt, 50 Cent still proved why literally doing things outside the box can bring you success.

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