Comedian Louis CK Bought Babe Ruth's Summer Home

By Andrew Fisher
Louis CK
Getty Images

Louis CK isn’t often brought up in the world of sports. He’s a comedian and admittedly, nowhere near athletic. But Mr. CK’s name is making its way around the internet today because of a sports-related purchase — Babe Ruth‘s former summer home.

The summer cottage is located in the Hamptons, it’s a three-story home built in 1901 and is approximately 4,957 square feet. It comes with six total bedrooms, 3.5 baths and five fireplaces. Overall, the home sits on two acres.

To use a couple of lame baseball analogies — it looks like Louie hit a home run with this purchase, he sure got a steal with that home!

If you’re not familiar with Mr. CK’s comedy, you should definitely check it out. It’s not for everybody, but he usually has a good point behind his bits. You may not like his choice of words and some of his views, but he’s rarely way off. The guy just has a good mind and a way of looking at life. But again, his style is not for everyone.

CK’s comedy is definitely in your face, in that he calls out humanity all the time. Some people like that about it, others hate it. I’m sure he gets called a grumpy old man and that there’s a good amount of people who think he’s the crazy one, but in my book, we could all look at things a little more Louie-like.

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