Lorenzo Cain Should Hit Higher in Kansas City Royals Lineup

By Doug LaCerte
Lorenzo Cain Kansas City Royals
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Runs are a rare luxury for the Kansas City Royals these days. The offense has yet to heat up, so change is, or at least should be, imminent. Although his power numbers are far from Hall of Fame-worthy, Royals outfielder Lorenzo Cain deserves a chance to bat much higher in the order.

The only Royal with a better average than Cain is revered slugger Yordano Ventura (.500 in his two at-bats this season). Cain’s .402 slugging percentage isn’t legendary, but it beats out everyone but Salvador Perez (and Ventura, of course). Of course, if this team was doing what it was built to do, the lead in these offensive categories would be taken over by once-trusted power hitters like the slowly recovering Billy Butler and, let us not forget, the should-be-slugger Mike Moustakas. Still, even if some key KC batters make a big comeback, Lo could continue to be an integral part of this lineup.

As of right now, the rest of KC’s offensive woes make Cain look like Ted Williams. His recent success should land Lorenzo in the heart of this weak lineup. He’s yet to go deep this year, but that’s no change from the rest of the team. Only two Royals have more than a single home run in the last 30 days, and only backup catcher Brett Hayes has gone yard in the past eleven days. It should go without saying that KC still sits comfortably in last place league-wide in that statistic.

The skipper is at fault for this one, and I won’t defend Ned Yost just because I disagree with much of what cranky fans say about him. As much as I appreciate Ned and his recent antics, his constant mistake of putting Lo so low (sorry) in the lineup doesn’t bode well for a team with enough problems as is. He’s not doing anyone in KC any favors, least of all himself, by stubbornly adhering to a batting order that clearly isn’t cutting it.

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