More Losing Brings More Pain to Tortured Kansas City Royals Fans

By Doug LaCerte
Danny Duffy Kansas City Royals
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The Houston Astros finalized their sweep of the reeling Kansas City Royals yesterday afternoon, when Danny Duffy and the rest of the KC crew were rocked by Houston from the very first at-bat and ultimately lost a 9-3 snoozer. Although I’ve already written a few articles documenting the doom and gloom of the Royals fanbase this season, they now seem preemptive. This is easily the lowest point of fan morale all season, and nothing has even come close to this level of embarrassment.

A team that should be a divisional bottom-dweller just outscored KC 21-5 in a three-game sweep at Kauffman. A series that was supposed to allow the Royals a chance at recovery turned into a losing streak that brought the team to its worst record of the season. More importantly, an incredibly important season for a franchise that was supposed to finally get their time in the sun has yet to bring Royals fans any hint of sustained success.

Fans in Kansas City have no choice but to sit and wait for the offense to stop being awful and the bullpen to stop blowing big games. Signs of change are few and far between, and another depressing season will virtually ensure that ace James Shields will take his talents elsewhere for a fat new contract in 2015. If ever KC needed a fate-manufactured spark of some kind, the moment is now.

While writing about the Royals in the past, I said the Royals fans’ bandwagon was already allegorically charred and waterlogged from being caught on fire by the team’s consistent failures and subsequently doused with hope. In the eyes of many fans, another underwhelming year would finally send that tortured carriage careening off a cliff and down to the jagged, rocky wastes below.

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