Atlanta Braves Finish Boston Red Sox Series Misery Perfectly

By David Miller
Craig Kimbrel Atlanta Braves
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It could be said that the Atlanta Braves are playing like the worst first place team in all of MLB right now and no one could argue the point. After a two and two series against the Boston Red Sox, the Braves have gone from having a head of steam to stumbling and fumbling their way to four straight losses. Though we could focus on the negative of this situation, why not look at the positives instead?

How amazingly nice is it for the Braves to help the Red Sox find the irritating way they won games all last season? How many times did a team have the Red Sox put away last season just to see the other team hand them a few runs on a few extra chances? It seems to be their way of winning games and it did win them the World Series last year so something must be said for it.

Maybe at the end of this season everyone will look back on this two and two with the Braves and be extremely mad at the Atlanta team for helping the Sox remember how difficult they were to beat last season. That would be a special silver lining to this four game flop, right? Oh but this was supposed to be the positive outlook. The problem with the positives is that there are none.

Literally the only positive in the Braves situation right now is that by some miracle, after struggling for weeks, playing well for a week and now falling apart once again, they still find themselves in first place. How in the world is that possible? The good news for those Braves fans who love to point out everything negative is that there are plenty of things to choose from right now. The positive thing for the fans who choose instead to look for good things to cheer for is that the team is no longer going to play games against the Red Sox this season.

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