Boston Red Sox: David Ortiz-Fueled Rivalry With Tampa Bay Rays May Be What The Team Needs

By Steve Buchanan
David Ortiz
Getty Images- Winslow Townson

It was a wild night at Fenway Park that got more intense after the game ended. The benches were cleared, the Boston Red Sox were forced to use four different managers due to ejections — you’d think that would be more than enough for one night. No way. Leave it to the man who loves to carry the team on his back, David Ortiz.

In his first at-bat against Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price, Ortiz stepped into the batter’s box and was hit with a 94 mph fastball in his back. Ortiz smiled as he stepped out of the batter’s box. He knew what was going on, Price knew what he was doing and so did everyone at home watching.

The hit on Ortiz prompted the umpires to step in early as warnings were given out to both teams. John Farrell was upset about this and was ejected quickly. Did I mention this was just the first inning? Later in the game, Mike Carp was hit by Price and Ortiz stormed out onto the field. He surely let Price know how he felt at that moment.

The Red Sox and Rays have two more games this weekend which will be watched closely by both fanbases. Maybe this is exactly what the Red Sox need. As if their recent losing streak wasn’t enough, now there’s a team that is going out of their way to hit Boston players. This is a team that openly mocked the Red Sox losing streak by playing sounds over their PA system that included the number nine when the Red Sox lost nine in a row.

This rivalry is heating up and heating up quickly. If you’re a fan of baseball, you’ll be glued to your television set this weekend to see these teams collide again. Get ready folks, this heavyweight bout still has an entire season to get through.

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