Atlanta Braves' Wins Versus NL East are Critical to Staying in First Place

By David Miller
Fredi Gonzalez
Getty Images

Few groups of fans in MLB are as critical of their beloved team as the fans of the Atlanta Braves. Just take a look at the comments below almost any article about the Braves and get ready to hear them get talked down by those who claim to love them most. What fans like this fail to understand while commenting on how badly the Braves stink, how terrible the offense is or how horrible their manager is, is that the Braves are still in first place.

See, no matter how badly a team seems to be playing, you can’t say they stink if they are well above the five-hundred mark in winning percentage and in first place. For the Braves, the secret is no secret at all. They simply play very well against the teams in their own division. They have a 5 – 1 record against the Washington Nationals. The 5 – 4 record against the Miami Marlins includes the critical five game sweep that just gave them a cushion in the division again.

Overall the Braves are 15 – 9 against NL East opponents with the New York Mets being the only team to have drawn even so far with a 3 – 3 mark. Without a doubt, the team has places that can be improved upon just like every other team in MLB. What the Braves have that many others do not have is a knack for winning the games that have to be won in order for them to stay on top. Everyone from the players on the field to the front office and manager Fredi Gonzalez deserve credit where it is due for that.

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