Legend of Harry Caray Grows After 1972 Drinking Log Surfaces

By Andrew Fisher
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Harry Caray is already a MLB legend and more specifically, a Chicago Cubs legend. Even though he spent time as an announcer for three other teams during his lengthy broadcasting career, he’s most closely associated with the Cubs, the team he worked for up until his death in 1998.

Caray was known for his catch phrases behind the mic, leading the now famous Wrigley Field seventh inning stretch and of course for his alleged drinking habits. Caray’s love for adult beverages has been played on many times in the world of radio and television, but for the most part it was always in good fun.

All these years later it appears some concrete evidence of the announcer’s drinking habits has come to light. According to story on Yahoo, Caray’s drink log from 1972 has emerged. Call it a diary or whatever you want, but apparently he kept track of every place he visited during that year (with the Chicago White Sox) and even keep drink receipts.

The log notes every establishment he went to, every drink he paid for and even some of the celebrities he hung out with (Wilt Chamberlain, Don Drysdale, Joe Pepitone, Jack Benny, Jack Dempsey).

The incredible part is that his diary links him to bars for at least 354 days of 1972. The December 24th entry noted: “Vacation in Acapulco. Then “Vacation” every day until the year runs out.”

After digesting this information it’s safe to say that Caray’s reputation was well-earned. But hey, give the guy credit for living to age 83.


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