Boston Red Sox: Brandon Workman Should Appeal Suspension

By Steve Buchanan


Brandon Workman
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A wild weekend series pitting the Tampa Bay Rays and the Boston Red Sox resulted in multiple bench-clearing incidents and now one suspension. Shockingly, it’s not the man you’d think would be suspended. Instead of David Price, it’s Brandon Workman. Let the head-scratching commence.

During the game that resulted in the suspension, Price got things going when he hit David Ortiz on the first pitch. Warnings were immediately issued, which infuriated John Farrell, who was tossed. Next, Mike Carp was hit by a pitch, which didn’t have Price tossed. Workman next joined in on the fun and threw a pitch that went behind Evan Longoria. Naturally, Workman was thrown out. But was the right called made? I don’t think so.

The fact that Price wasn’t tossed for the hit on Carp, yet Workman was, is insane. Not only was it raining when Workman hit Longoria, but Price hit two batters compared to Workman’s one. Call me crazy, but in almost every situation I’ve seen when benches have been warned, no matter the consequences, if a pitcher hits a batter — they’re gone.

Now, according to the rule book, it’s the umpire’s discretion to toss a pitcher after warnings have been given out. Was it because Workman’s pitch rode high on Longoria and went behind him? That was the reason the umpire gave when tossing Workman.

Now, do I feel as though Workman intentionally hit Longoria? I can’t say for sure. At the time, it was raining extremely hard at Fenway Park. The way the ball can be gripped changes dramatically. I’m not making excuses for the kid, but that has to play into factor. Add in the fact that he’s not exactly well versed in the league, and he didn’t stand a chance for staying in that game.

Price on the other hand, has paid his dues, and could get the benefit of the doubt. I have no doubt in my mind that Price was intentionally throwing at Ortiz and Carp. A message had to be sent.

Workman has the opportunity to appeal this suspension. You better believe he will. If Price was also suspended, I’d say swallow your pride and accept what’s been given to you. But because Price is not even getting a slap on the wrist, Workman should do whatever he can to appeal this insane suspension.

MLB officials can’t be this blind. They know the history of these teams, especially lately; they know the circumstances and the conditions of the game. Workman was not the only one to blame here. The Red Sox may have won the weekend series against the Rays, but the Rays just pulled out a sneaky victory over the Sox in a war that is far from over.

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