Vlad Guerrero Hitting 50 Cent's First Pitch is Best Thing You'll See Today

By Connor Muldowney
50 Cent
Getty Images

As one of the best hitters in recent memory, Vladimir Guerrero terrorized baseball with his bat for nearly two decades. He wasn’t exactly the most dominant hitter during his time, but he still managed to hit 449 career home runs with a .318 lifetime average.

Vlad was known for being able to hit any pitch — even 50 Cent‘s terrible first pitch before the New York Mets game last week.

What do I mean by this? Take a look at this awesome Vine video MLB Fan Cave posted mocking Guerrero’s ability to hit anything — and I mean anything.

As you can see, this video was so perfectly made that it even showed Guerrero playing against the Mets and hitting a little blooper into left field.

Everyone loved to watch Guerrero play because he would always swing at a ridiculous pitch out of the strike zone and, more often than not, make contact with the ball, sometimes even driving it over the outfield wall.

If you don’t believe me that Guerrero could literally hit anything, check out this video of him hitting a ball that bounced in front of home plate:

Pretty awesome hit, right?

The Vine video was so perfect because I can bet that after people saw it, they were thinking, “you know what, Vlad probably could have hit that pitch.”

It’s true. There is a reason he hit .318 for his career and had 2,590 career hits — racking up over 200 hits four times in his career. The dude could flat-out hit.

On the other hand, 50 Cent is a terrible pitcher.

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