Chicago Cubs Scoreboard Operator Falls Asleep on the Job

By Connor Muldowney
Chicago Cubs
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The Chicago Cubs have reached a new all-time low. Okay, so maybe this isn’t nearly as bad as not having won a World Series since 1908 or being seemingly cursed for all eternity, but it’s something that will have you shaking your head and saying, “That’s so Cubs.”

Having one of the worst records in baseball season after season has gotten pretty old for Cubs fans and it seems like the only reason these people even go to the games is for the atmosphere and the hot dogs. It’s hard to see a young teams with a few pieces of real talent struggle so mightily and lull fans to sleep — literally.

On Tuesday evening, Chicago faced off against the New York Mets in a game that apparently proved to be a snooze fest despite a walk-off ending.

Watch as this scoreboard operator couldn’t bear to stay awake in the early innings of the game against the Mets:

Poor guy had to sit through an entire Cubs game. You have to feel pretty bad for him.

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that you’re sleeping on the job at a professional baseball game or the fact that you were caught on camera by broadcasters calling the game and basically getting made fun of for falling asleep? You be the judge of that one.

To be fair, he was just sleeping through the most boring part of the game. I mean, it did take the Cubs eight innings to score their first run and the cheers probably awoke him from his sleep in the ninth inning as Chicago fans went home happy with a walk-off win.

No better place to catch up on some sleep than Wrigley Field.

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