Gavin Floyd's Bad Outing for Atlanta Braves Could be Warning for Late Season Struggle

By David Miller
Gavin Floyd Atlanta Braves
Getty Images

One of the more pleasant surprises for the Atlanta Braves in 2014 has been the solid starts from staring pitcher Gavin Floyd. He wasn’t a wonderful pitcher for the Chicago White Sox before he went down with elbow surgery in 2013. Though it is possible that he has simply hit his stride with the change in teams, it is also possible that the hitters in the National League will just take some time to learn his stuff.

The evidence that suggests this possibility is visible clearly within his struggles against the Seattle Mariners. This was the first time he looked sort of bad against a team. It just so happens that it came against an American League team. Maybe the hitters in the A.L. just have a better memory about the kind of stuff that Floyd brings. If this is true then does that mean that Floyd’s good fortune early in 2014 is likely to fade as the hitters in the National League get more accustomed to him?

While this is possible, it should also be mentioned that Floyd pitched fairly well against the Boston Red Sox in his previous start. Even if teams are getting more accustomed to his stuff, he can always adjust with the help of the Braves’ coaches and catchers. Another point of interest comes in with the information that Floyd has a pretty high career ERA against the Mariners. They hit him forth best of teams that have seen him at least ten times. Unfortunately, the only way to be sure how he will do is to just wait and see what happens.

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