Pablo Sandoval's Foul Ball Ruins a Reporter's Day

By Connor Muldowney
Pablo Sandoval
Getty Images

Being a member of the media comes with a lot of stress and responsibility. If you’re covering a game in person, the stress and responsibility increase because of the deadlines you have to meet and getting information to readers in a timely fashion. Pablo Sandoval ruined that for one reporter on Tuesday evening with one swing of the bat.

The San Francisco Giants traveled to take on the Cincinnati Reds in a National League bout that resulted in an 8-3 loss on Tuesday.

However, the Giants — particularly Sandoval — did their share of damage in the loss. Watch as the third baseman ruined a Mark Sheldon‘s laptop:

The ball seemed pretty harmless off of Sandoval’s bat, but it turned out to be one of the most destructive foul balls in recent memory. The crowd may not have noticed, but the broadcasters on CSN definitely did — and they felt very bad for the Reds’ beat reporter.

Being a journalist isn’t easy. You show up day after day, put in long hours at usually obscure times and sometimes you end up with a broken computer screen because of a random foul ball.

No other job has that type of threat and, on top of that, replacing the computer isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do on a journalist’s salary. As you can see, Sheldon’s computer is far beyond a simple repair job:

Good thing for him, he’s borrowing his wife’s laptop tonight. All the journalists or aspiring journalists probably read this article and shuddered at the thought of losing a laptop.

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