Kansas City Royals Must Consider Firing Ned Yost

By Doug LaCerte
Ned Yost Kansas City Royals
Jamie Squire – Getty Images Sport

The last few days were quite eventful for the Kansas City Royals, and tonight’s draft and final game against the St. Louis Cardinals will keep all facets of the franchise busy. In such a tumultuous part of the season, is it realistic to think that KC’s skipper could be close to earning himself a pink slip? Sadly, yes. Ned Yost is undeniably on the hot-seat as we enter the heart of this critical season.

More disdain can now be felt for Ned than ever before, and that’s saying something. Yost always had his fair share of haters in KC, but with each disappointing season these haters sound more and more sensible. He’s 93 games below .500 in his 1631 career games as a MLB manager, and his skills as an actual in-game decision-maker are constantly questioned. His value as a motivator, the only talent seemingly allowing him to keep his job, depends solely on how this team reacts to this tough start.

Yost deserves credit for keeping a young roster’s head on straight in tough times, but that line of thinking also means he must deserve the blame for their cumulative underwhelming performance in such an integral season. If he can’t keep this team psychologically strong and he isn’t a particularly talented in-game manager, why is still around?

If it were up to me, I’d bet one more time with my heart instead of my head and keep him around until the All Star break. Let him have that time to turn things around and motivate his guys, then give him the boot if no significant improvement is made. Let’s see Yost rally the troops for one last burst of momentum now that he and everyone else knows quite well that his job and KC’s plans for a successful immediate future are both at stake. That sort of motivation is as good as you can get in this business, so we’ll know for sure that he doesn’t deserve the job if he fails to incite a turnaround.

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