The Chicago Cubs Finally Entering Next Stage of Rebuilding Process

By Jacob Kornhauser
Chicago Cubs
Getty Images

Sure, it’s just one sweep, but the Cubs‘ recent trend of success shows they’re approaching the next step in their rebuilding process. This season was meant to be a bridge year into contention as early as 2015. It appears that the franchise is finally making progress and moving toward that goal. At 23-34, they are no longer the worst team in baseball and are slowly passing teams in the National League. By no means are they a good team yet, but they’re looking increasingly mediocre. As sad as that is, that’s a major step up from what they’ve been over the past two seasons.

With the trade deadline approaching, the team could easily tank again like in recent years, but this season it appears they’re flipping the script on years past. Over the past two seasons, the club has been decent over the first two months of the season before tanking and finishing with over 95 losses. This season it has been reversed. They began the season abysmally and are now gaining some momentum. Obviously, most teams would prefer the second scenario. Again, this doesn’t mean the Cubs are a good team, but the progress does show they’re closer to contending.

Several prospects such as Kris Bryant and Javier Baez are waiting in the wings and could be in the major leagues by the end of this season. Having those two mixed with the current group of Cubs could make the team much better in 2015. They will surely take their lumps in their rookie seasons, but their talent and presence will fill out a Cubs lineup that has been poor for the past five seasons.

To most, the Cubs recent winning streak is just that, a streak. However, it is also a positive sign for the future and the team’s big picture plans. For Cubs pessimists, perhaps it’s time to see that Epstein, who has experience ending lengthy World Series droughts, actually knows what he’s talking about.

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