2014 MLB Draft: San Diego Padres Pull PR Stunt, Draft Johnny Manziel

By Gil Alcaraz IV
Johnny Manziel
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

We all know Johnny Manziel as the care-free, outgoing quarterback of the Cleveland Browns who also goes by Johnny Football. On Saturday, though, the San Diego Padres introduced us to Johnny Baseball.

With the 837th pick in the 28th round of the 2014 MLB Draft, the Padres turned heads everywhere by taking Manziel, who was listed as a shortstop out of Texas A&M.

While it’s certainly an intriguing move by one of the more irrelevant teams in MLB, the Padres’ pick of Manziel is nothing more than a publicity stunt. They grabbed the attention of baseball – and football – fans everywhere for a few minutes, and even got a pleasant response from Manziel via Twitter.

The fact remains, though, that Manziel will never be anything more than a face the Padres can use for their well-being. Much like Russell Wilson did during spring training with the Seattle Mariners, Manziel might show his face at next year’s spring training and sport a Padres hat or shirt from time to time. However, if they’re expecting him to spurn the Browns and take up baseball, they’ve got another thing coming.

Everyone knows that Manziel is a media lightning rod – the fact that this post is even being written proves that – and that’s exactly what the Padres were hoping for. Some media attention in the midst of a season that will likely end in disappointment certainly couldn’t hurt.

Nice job, Padres. Way to throw everyone a curveball and put yourselves in the spotlight for a brief moment. I wouldn’t get your hopes up that Manziel ditches football for baseball, though.

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