Endy Chavez Not a Useful Body on Seattle Mariners’ Active Roster

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Outfielder Endy Chavez has 28 career home runs dating back to 2001. He has a career slugging percentage of .364. The Seattle Mariners do not have anyone on their roster with over 10 home runs on the season. They are tied for the sixth least home runs as a team in all of MLB and the fifth least amount of total bases as a club. Something is amiss if manager Lloyd McClendon thinks Chavez brings more to the lineup as a platoon player than some of the prospects excelling in Seattle’s farm system.

The Mariners should be giving their young prospects with power potential major league at bats in order to develop them and progress their games. Individuals like Nick Franklin, Chris Taylor or even Jesus Montero immediately come to mind.

How is a player like Franklin ever going to get accustomed to major league pitching if he is in a constant vicious circle of being optioned back and forth between Seattle and Tacoma? The same can be said for Montero, who justifiably deserves his shot in the near future.

He has eight HRs in 221 Triple-A at bats, and the Mariners invested a lot in him when they traded former top pitching prospect Michael Pineda away in 2012. The 24-year-old Montero certainly has his pitfalls, but still possesses more upside as a catcher or designated hitter on the Mariners’ roster than the 36-year-old veteran journeyman Chavez does.

Chavez used to be somewhat of a stolen base threat in his more youthful years, but he is not even contributing in that stat category right now for the Mariners. The current starting outfield is Dustin Ackley in left, James Jones in center and Michael Saunders in right. Available of the bench or in situational splits to roam the outfield are Cole Gillespie and Stefen Romero.

Chavez will likely be optioned for reassignment to Triple-A once DH/1B Logan Morrison, DH Corey Hart or SP Tijuan Walker are ready to come off the disabled list. However, McClendon would have been wise to give his young prospects valuable major league at bats for a stretch, instead of promoting a marginal player in the twilight of his career.

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  • Jordan Cordano

    You must not watch a lot of mariners games. Franklins defense has been horrible and his hitting has been worse. M’s need a vet outfielder and value defense over anything right now. And I’d understand if this article was written if seattle was 5 games under .500 but they are 4 games over and in a wild card spot. Last year they were #2 in home runs and that didn’t get them any where. This year they have a solid starting 5 and great bullpen. So small ball has been there MO this year and it’s been working. Montero came into camp very out of shape and his defense is not ready for 1st base. Catcher is Mike Zuninos job. Endy had the winning base hit last night if u didn’t catch that.

  • Jordan Wevers

    I watch many Mariners games. I’m watching one right now, in fact. Miller’s glove might warrant his playing time, but his bat does not. Endy’s hit resulted in the first run scored of the ball game, but then James Jones tripled and Kyle Seager doubled resulting in 3 more runs if Chavez weren’t on base. Miller and Bloomquist deserve more credit for the two out rally than Chavez does. So that point is almost irrelevant in my mind. A big part of small ball is stealing bases. Chavez has not done that, and his OBP is below .300. Maybe someone like Xavier Avery is better suited on the roster then. He can play left field and has 19 SBs in Triple-A. He also has the third most walks of any Rainier player. My point is that long term, Chavez will not be a valuable contributor to the team in August or September. If McClendon gives some of the other younger talents as long a leash as he’s giving Miller, they might come around and be impactful performers for the remainder of 2014. If you’re Chavez, you are 36-years old and in the minors for a reason. He holds very little long term value to a club. And Montero should be at DH, I said nothing about 1B. I know he’s overweight and Zunino is the primary catcher, but I don’t think you can so easily overlook his HR/RBI numbers in Tacoma.