Next Six Games Could Put Cincinnati Reds Back Into Playoff Race

By Grant E. Doepel
Cincinnati Reds
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Simply put, the next six games for the Cincinnati Reds could either put them back into the playoff race, or basically eliminate them altogether.

After taking a three-game set from the Philadelphia Phillies in the Queen City this weekend, the Reds continued to do what they’ve done all season long — tread water. It seems like for every series the team wins, they lose another two. Yet somehow, the team has maintained the ability to stay within 2-5 games of .500 without once eclipsing such a record.

The problem for the Reds lies within the fact that they have had the inability to win series against teams with sub-.500 record. On the season, the Reds have played six series against teams with winning records. Of those six series, the Reds have a record of 10-15. They have won series against the Washington Nationals (2-1) and Milwaukee Brewers (3-1).

Aside from the Brewers series, the Reds have yet to secure many “statement” wins on the season. While a lot of importance has been put on winning against successful teams, their record against less superior teams (those under .500) leaves lots to be desired. Against those teams, the Reds have a record of 19-17. Where the Reds succeeded in 2010, 2012 and 2013 was in their ability to take care of business against teams with losing records.

For Cincinnati, its next six games will go a long way into giving a clear vision on the team’s 2014 outcome as it hosts the Los Angeles Dodgers and travel to Milwaukee — teams with winning records. A winning record in these six games would put the Reds back into the playoff race, as hard as that might be to believe.

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